Elon Musk Starship Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines

first_img By Ryan Whitwam on July 23, 2019 at 7:23 am We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 1shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Disturbing Details in ‘Harry Potter’ You Didn’t Notice as a Teen Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard We Now Understand Why Tom Welling Disappeared Little Rudy From ‘Cosby Show’ is Absolutely Gorgeous Now at 40 Most spaceflight firms would never hang around on Twitter and randomly tweet information on upcoming rocket designs. But most companies aren’t SpaceX, and most CEOs aren’t Elon Musk. During his daily Twitter ramblings, Musk revealed that the Starship launch platform is now up to a total of 41 Raptor engines. Although, he jokes that the design is begging for just one more. In his initial tweet, Musk announced that the Starship Super Heavy would have 35 Raptor engines in total. After a request for clarification, Musk explained that the “full stack” of the Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle will have 41 engines — 35 of those will be on Super Heavy and another six on the Starship itself. From what we know of the Starship’s design, the craft will have three Raptors optimized for use in the atmosphere and three others designed for vacuum usage.Before this most recent update, the Super Heavy was slated to have just 31 Raptor engines. Traditionally, rockets have relied on smaller numbers of more powerful engines. However, SpaceX has always gone the other way. According to Musk, the added complexity is outweighed by the redundant nature of having many engines. If one or two fail, the vehicle can still fly its mission. Full stack is 41 rn, but kinda beggin for just one more …— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 21, 2019Musk has explained many of the Starship’s design updates and milestones on Twitter. For example, the momentous test firing of the Raptor engine earlier this year and the name change from BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) to Starship, perhaps a more suitable name for something that could one day ferry 100 passengers to Mars. SpaceX is closing in on the first real test flight of the Starship in a configuration known as the StarHopper. That vessel will lift off, hover, and land safely. Late this year, the company could launch a high-altitude sub-orbital version of the Starship later this year. The first orbital flight is currently scheduled for 2020. At 41 engines for the full stack, the count is just one shy of the answer to life, the universe, and everything from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. No one really knows why Elon Musk does the things he does, so it would not be shocking at all to see another engine pop up on the final Super Heavy. After all, this is the man who launched his car into space on top of the most powerful rocket in the world.Now read:SpaceX Starship Moves Closer to Launch With Successful Engine TestSpaceX Successfully Launches, Partially Recovers Falcon HeavyElon Musk Explains Why the Starship Will Be Stainless Steel Jon Favreau Has a Funny Idea for ‘Iron Man 4’ Elon Musk: Starship, Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines Petition Is Trying To Convince Marvel To Keep ‘Blade’ Rated R 6 Comments Tagged In sciencespaceelon muskrocketsstarshipSuper Heavy Post a Comment 6 Commentslast_img read more

NASAs Orion Capsule Passes Launch Abort Test With Flying Colors

first_img Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 1shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. By Ryan Whitwam on July 3, 2019 at 7:08 am Tagged In sciencespacenasarocketsSLSorion Post a Comment 17 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Jim Carrey’s Tragic Life Just Gets Sadder and Sadder Edward Furlong is Returning in ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ 17 Comments NASA’s Orion spacecraft is one step closer to carrying humans into space today. The agency confirms that all systems performed perfectly during the second ascent abort test, proving that astronauts aboard Orion could be safely wrenched free of a rocket in the event of an emergency. Launch abort systems are not a new idea, but Orion is a new piece of hardware. NASA needs to make sure the abort system works as intended because it’s the difference between saving and losing the crew when a launch goes wrong. The crew of a Russian Soyuz capsule narrowly averted disaster last year when the MS-10 rocket carrying it spun out of control. The abort system pulled the capsule away from the rocket before it broke apart. NASA conducted the test from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station using a modified Peacekeeper missile obtained from the Air Force. The missile carried the Orion capsule 44,000 feet into the air, reaching a speed of 760 mph. The simulated failure caused the capsule to flip end-over-end before it fired the jettison motor, launching the spacecraft clear of the rocket. The abort system consists of three solid rocket motors: one that jettisons the pod, one to control attitude, and one that pushes Orion clear of the failing rocket. Test complete! Today’s ~3 minute test of @NASA_Orion spacecraft’s launch abort system verified that @NASA_Astronauts can safely get away from their launch vehicle in the case of an emergency after liftoff. More: https://t.co/mUf6z9uYjA pic.twitter.com/nI9CZKT6H9— NASA (@NASA) July 2, 2019The entire test was a mere 3 minutes and 13 seconds, but triggering the launch abort took just milliseconds. Orion ejected 12 data recorders after breaking free of the launch vehicle, all of which were recovered within about an hour. NASA will comb through the data as it prepares for future crewed flights, but all signs point to a textbook test. Orion Program Manager Mark Kirasich called the test “spectacular.”Orion will eventually mount atop the Space Launch System (SLS), which should be the most powerful rocket in the world when it’s complete. Orion and the SLS grant NASA access to space beyond low-Earth orbit once more. Orion will carry humans to the moon as part of NASA’s new Artemis Program, a follow-up to Apollo. This time, NASA plans to establish long-term human habitation on and around the moon with the aid of the Gateway station. This will serve as a jumping off point for the exploration of Mars, which may also employ the Orion capsule. An uncrewed lunar orbit test is scheduled for July 2020. The first astronauts could ride Orion in 2023.Now read:NASA Needs $20 Billion in Additional Funding to Reach Moon by 2024NASA May Launch Orion Crew Module on Commercial RocketNASA successfully tests parachutes on Orion spacecraft Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeous ‘It: Chapter 2’ Director Says He’d Love To Remake This Movie Gamora’s Fate Is Finally Revealed After Tony’s Snap in ‘Endgame’ Saying Goodbye to Johnny Depp The Sad Situation That Hayden Panettiere Is Living In Today ‘Black Widow’ Set Photos Reveal The Main Villain NASA’s Orion Capsule Passes Launch Abort Test With Flying Colorslast_img read more

Enlighted Earns Frost Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Its Building IoT

first_img“Enlighted had to build enough network bandwidth into their system to handle the high volume of data they send to the cloud or keep on premises,” said Michael Valenti, senior research consultant. “For example, Enlighted’s IoT applications can show in real-time the location of assets directly on a user’s smartphone. This is made possible by a combination of local edge processing in each sensor unit, a well-engineered high bandwidth secure wireless network, and machine learning with massive compute capabilities in the cloud.”Marketing Technology News: British Gas Goes the Extra Mile to Improve Customer Experiences with Local“We are honored to receive such a significant designation from Frost & Sullivan,” said Stefan Schwab, chief executive officer at Enlighted. “We continuously innovate our IoT offerings to deliver an even greater return on investment. For example, we have recently introduced new ‘Human Centric Lighting’ capabilities that can deliver a workspace that inspires greater productivity, a classroom that sparks attentive learning, or a healthcare environment that promotes well-being — all through better lighting. We’ve also made it easier to install wireless lighting control into new construction with the ability to easily upgrade to full IoT capabilities later when the occupants move into the building.”The solutions’ demonstrated value and short return on investment have attracted business globally, with Enlighted sensors covering more than 210 million square feet of building including from prominent companies such as AT&T, LinkedIn, National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, and Schiever in France. Marketing Technology News: Medallia Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering“Enlighted’s technology solutions provide superior price/performance value today and into the future,” noted Valenti. “Acknowledging that even the most sophisticated smart lighting system of today will become outmoded, Enlighted has designed its sensing units to be future-proof. Its fifth-generation sensing units can have their software apps upgraded wirelessly, similar to smartphone updates. The devices’ hardware is designed to be modular and easy-to-replace. Its advanced solutions and commitment to energy savings have positioned it for sustained growth in the smart building and lighting markets.”Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry. The North American New Product Innovation Award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased return on investment (ROI) it gives customers, which, in turn, raises customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential. Marketing Technology News: New ISG Study Focuses on Digital Business Services Frost & Sullivan recognizes Enlighted, the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings and healthcare facilities, with the 2019 North American New Product Innovation Award following a recent analysis of the North American commercial smart building market. Enlighted received this prestigious award for its leading-edge IoT technology that captures unparalleled building data used to transform the occupant experience, provide insights to optimize the use of real estate and resources, and lower energy and operating costs.Enlighted has set itself apart from its peers by transforming lighting systems into building IoT solutions. Lights are ideal carriers for IoT sensors, providing position, power and density for granular data capture. Its sensors intelligently controls the lights, and collects multiple data streams 65 times per second. Each sensor communicates wirelessly to a network, and data is stored and analyzed in the cloud. Making each light individually intelligent produces energy savings that can pay for the installation of the sensory system – eliminating capital requirements for retrofits and improving ROI for new construction. EnlightedFrost & SullivanInternet of ThingsMarketing Technology NewsNewsStefan Schwab Previous ArticleGartner Says US Insurance Brands Underperform in Digital, Despite Customers’ Growing Willingness to Provide DataNext ArticleHow to Create Viral Content That Generation Z Will Lovecenter_img Enlighted Earns Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Its Building IoT Technology PRNewswireJuly 11, 2019, 2:49 pmJuly 11, 2019 last_img read more

Pinterest Opens Office in Singapore as Part of AsiaPacific Expansion

first_img asia-pacificPinnersPinterestSingapore First Published: July 10, 2019, 6:45 PM IST In line with its plan of servicing Southeast Asia and India as part of expansion in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Pinterest on Wednesday opened its office in Singapore.This is the second office for Pinterest in the region; it also has a team in Japan based out of Tokyo which was opened in 2013. “Pinterest has a growing, passionate audience across APAC who are using it for inspiration to create a life they love,” Ayumi Nakajima, Country Manager, Southeast Asia and India, said in a statement. “There is a great opportunity for brands, publishers and creators on Pinterest to connect with these engaged users when they’re considering what to do or buy next. With a team based in Singapore, we’ll be able to offer an even more relevant experience for our Pinners in one of our fastest growing regions.”APAC is one of the fastest growing regions for Pinterest with millions of people currently using the platform each month, a number that has increased by more than 50 per cent over the past year (from June 2018-June 2019). According to the company, people in these countries are also saving more than seven million ideas on Pinterest each day. More than 250 million people around the world visit Pinterest each month to plan their future — including what to eat for dinner, what products to buy, where to travel and how to decorate their homes. More than half of the people on Pinterest come from outside the US.last_img read more

Child Labour Being Used to Transport EVMs Tejashwi Yadav Slams Election Commission

first_img Lok Sabha elections 2019Rashtriya Janata DalTejashwi Yadav First Published: May 22, 2019, 5:09 PM IST New Delhi: Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav slammed the Election Commission in a Twitter post, which enclosed a picture of a child carrying an Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). “In Bihar, EVM transportation is being done by using child labour,” Yadav wrote in the post. “Voting machines are being taken in unregistered vehicles against the rule,” he further said. He further wrote saying that EVMs had been transported to a hotel where they were recovered in the presence of magistrate.Yadav’s attack comes even as a massive controversy rages over the alleged “tampering” of EVMs. 22 opposition leaders on Monday had reached out to the poll panel demanding the tally of VVPAT slips before the Electronic Voting Machines. The demand was turned down by the EC. “Election Commission of India would like to emphatically and unambiguously clarify that all such reports and allegations are absolutely false,” the EC wrote in a statement. Opposition parties have mobilised workers to maintain round-the-clock vigil on EVM storage rooms. In Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut and Raebareli, the Congress had deployed workers to keep a watch on he storerooms.In Tamil Nadu, DMK’s Kanimozhi sent out agents to monitor CCTV feeds after alleging that she had seen voting machines being transported in the Thoothukudi district, from where she is contesting. last_img read more

Waterlogging in Several Areas as Heavy Overnight Rains Flood LowLying Nashik

first_img floodmaharashtramonsoonmumbai rains First Published: July 7, 2019, 2:16 PM IST Nashik: Overnight heavy rains in Nashik district of Maharashtra caused waterlogging in several low-lying areas and inundated some roads, officials said on Sunday.While normal life was disrupted in some parts, the incessant showers, which continued on Sunday morning, improved the water level in various reservoirs of the district, which was facing acute water shortage before the monsoon, they said. As a precautionary measure, the Nashik Municipal Corporation asked around 250 families staying in thatched huts in Kazi Gadhi area, located on the Godavari river’s bank, to shift to a temporary shelter, deputy civic commissioner Mahesh Doiphode said.While some residents were initially not willing to vacate their huts and demanded permanent houses, they later agreed after the civic and police officials spoke to them, he said. Some of the tehsils in the district received good rainfall in last 24 hours, as per the local meteorological department sources.The tribal-dominated Igatpuri tehsil recorded 170 mm rain, followed by Trimbakeshwar-135 mm, Peint-105 mm, Surgana-104.2 mm, Dindori-34 mm and Nashik-29.5 mm, they added.last_img read more

NCERT RIE CEE 2019 Result Regional Institute of Education Declares BEd MEd

first_imgNCERT RIE CEE 2019 Result Declared | The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) has declared the result for B.Sc B.Ed/ BA B.Ed/M.Sc Ed courses today. The NCERT RIE CEE Result was published at REI’s official website cee.ncert.gov.in. The REI CEE Result was declared for Regional Institutes of Education (RIE) in Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mysuru, NERIE Shillong, and Prarambh Haryana. The RIE is a constituent unit of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The RIE CEE was held on June 9 for UG and PG teaching courses at affiliated universities. REI CEE Result 2019: Steps to Check Step 1. Visit the official website of Regional Institute of Education or click on the link cee.ncert.gov.inStep 2. Click on link reading as RIE CEE Result for BSc B.Ed/ BA B.Ed/M.Sc Ed Step 3. Enter the required details in the candidate login boxStep 4. The RIE CEE UG and PG Result will be displayed on the screenStep 5. Download the RIE CEE B.Ed and M.Ed Result and take a print out cee.ncert.gov.inNational Council of Educational Research and TrainingNCERTNCERT RIE CEE First Published: July 10, 2019, 3:01 PM ISTlast_img read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook says report calling Jony Ives departure contentious is

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Apple CEO Tim Cook called a Wall Street Journal report about superstar designer Jony Ive’s supposedly contentious departure and Cook’s own alleged lack of interest in design “absurd” in an email Monday.Ive announced his departure from Apple on Thursday. The designer oversaw the creation of many of Apple’s most iconic products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The Wall Street Journal report claimed Ive was “dispirted” by Cook’s apparent lack of interest in the product development process and that Ive had a diminishing role in Apple’s design for years. The report went on to say that Ive stopped overseeing routine management of the design team, weakening it and causing designers to leave the company.In an email to NBC News reporter Dylan Byers, Cook called the story “absurd” and said that its conclusions didn’t “match with reality.” He added that the story “shows a lack of understanding about how the design team works and how Apple works.”“The design team is phenomenally talented,” Cook wrote. “As Jony has said, they’re stronger than ever, and I have complete confidence they will thrive under Jeff, Evans and Alan’s leadership,” he wrote, referring to Apple COO Jeff Williams and design team leads Evans Hankey and Alan Dye. “We know the truth and we know the incredible things they’re capable of doing. The projects they’re working on will blow you away.”Exclusive: In scathing email, Apple CEO Tim Cook tells me the @WSJ report about Jony Ive’s departure — and his frustration with Cook’s alleged lack of interest in design — is “absurd.” Says reporting and conclusions "don’t match with reality.”Full story coming soon @NBCNews … pic.twitter.com/QX9L4MvjFs— Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) July 1, 2019A Wall Street Journal spokesperson told Byers that it stands by the report. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update this story if we hear back.Ive plans to start a new design firm called LoveFrom — Apple will be its first client. The WSJ report claimed that Apple will pay LoveFrom “millions of dollars a year to continue to work with Apple.”The report claims that Ive felt Cook shifted the focus of Apple from design to operations, “eroding the product magic” created by Ive and the late Steve Jobs. Cook himself comes from the operations side of the business, having previously worked on the supply chain that helps send Apple’s products across the globe.The story must have rattled the team at Apple. It’s rare for Cook, one of the most powerful executives in tech, to email a reporter on his own. He did, however, send the email from his iPhone, according to a screenshot. Apple lead designer Jony Ive is leaving to start his own company All of the Apple products that made Jony Ive a living design legend Stop writing Jony Ive’s obituary, his passing from Apple is a new beginning Why Jony Ive’s greatest achievement wasn’t the iPhone. It was the original iMac Apple may finally ditch the troubled butterfly keyboard in future MacBookslast_img read more

YouTube introduces resizing player expands sharing power

first_imgYouTube and smartphones have democratized video creation and sharing, but it has also meant an explosion of videos recorded in varying formats. Never mind whether they were done “right” or not. In some cases, this leads to the annoying phenomenon of having large black boxes flanking a vertical video.YouTube is updating its mobile app to now take orientations and formats into account. Watching a vertical video? The app’s player expands so that the video fits the screen perfectly. Switching to a horizontal one will make it shrink to just the right size. That dynamic adjustment also works for videos shot in 4:3 versus those made in 16:9. Now you no longer have to twist and turn your phone just to get a full view.YouTube is also finally rolling out its new sharing feature to the US and Latin America. No longer will you have to do the dance of copying YouTube links or sharing with friends one by one. Once you tap share option in the app, you can select contacts directly from the window. This initiates a chat with them in YouTube’s new Shared tab. And in case they don’t have that tab yet, they’ll immediately get one when you share something with them. YouTube is also expanding the scope of its live TV program to more territories in the US. That roster now includes Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, and Charlotte. With YouTube TV’s increased scope, YouTube is well on its way to becoming your one-stop shop for videos, be it from the Internet directly or even live TV.SOURCE: YouTube Last month, all of Google’s major products went on stage at I/O, but this time, it’s YouTube’s turn to shine on its own. At this year’s VidCon, Google introduced its new “half” 360-degree VR180 platform, but that is hardly the only new YouTube thing going on. Coming to users both in the US and elsewhere are better ways to share, more YouTube TV coverage, and an app that is smart enough to know how a video was recorded and adjust itself appropriately.last_img read more

This is how Uber and Yandex are taking over Russia right now

first_img1. Entry into RussiaThree and a half years ago, Uber launched their driving services in Moscow. Their service now operates in a total of 16 major cities in Russia. Both here and in an additional several countries will be home to a new joint company owned by both Yandex and Uber. This deal will include UberEATS as well. Uber will operate this food delivery service in all of the six countries in which the new company will exist. In all, this new company will operate in 127 cities.2. The CashUber will invest a total of $225 million into this new business and will own 36.6 percent of the company. At the same time, Yandex will contribute $100 million, and will own 59.3 percent of the company. Employees will own 4.1 percent of the company on a fully diluted basis.3. The Brand NamesBoth Uber and Yandex have separate brands and ride-sharing services in Russia. After this deal closes, they’ll only have one. According to the release from Uber and Yandex, “For the foreseeable future, the Uber and Yandex brands and rider apps will continue to operate, while the driver apps will be integrated after the transaction closes.”This deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. At that time, there’ll be a big change for drivers, and not so big a change for riders.4. Global Search WarThis has interesting implications for the ongoing battle between Google and Yandex as well as Google and Uber. Back in October of 2015 Russia gave Google and ultimatum to unbundle its apps. In 2017, Google agreed with Russia to allow 3rd-party apps to be installed at system-level on Android-toting smartphones – so says Google.The battle between Google and Uber is a bit more complicated but has little to do with Russia directly. Uber announced today that they’d be taking a step up in the world by buying up a bunch of Russia’s Google – Yandex. If you’ll take a look at Yandex on the web, it’ll become clear rather quickly what they’re in a position to do. They’ve got all the bases covered – or nearly all the bases covered – for a Russia-based do-everything company of which Uber now owns a significant portion.last_img read more

Lyfts latest expansion makes it available across 94 of the US

first_imgLyft may not be as big as competitor Uber, but it is continuing to grow and thanks to its latest expansion, it is now available in a total of 40 U.S. states. According to the company, its ridesharing service now covers 94-percent of the U.S., meaning there’s a good chance you can use the service in your own city and many of the places you may visit in the future. Lyft has done an excellent job of expanding into markets throughout the US over past years; you can find it in many smaller cities near bigger cities, and that’s a good thing. You can now use Lyft in regions through 40 states, including states with major cities like New York and California, as well as ones with less notable cities like Kentucky, West Virginia, and Mississippi.As the image above shows, there are only small pockets remaining without Lyft coverage, such as significant parts of the Pacific Northwest, Illinois, Colorado and bits in both the north and south. Still, some of the remaining states still have areas where Lyft operates, such as Seattle in Washington. According to Lyft, 9 out of 10 people in the US have access to Lyft rides.Though ridesharing services like Lyft still remain controversial among some, including the taxi industry and those who don’t like the rise of the ‘gig economy,’ the services have their upsides. A recent study, for example, indicates that the availability of services like Lyft and Uber could cause a decrease in personal car ownership and use among residents.SOURCE: Lyft Bloglast_img read more

Android peek feature just outcammed iPhone X

first_imgThe most important use for facial recognition in a smartphone might not be recognizing you, but the person behind you – and more specifically their eyes. This technology was developed by two researchers that work with Google, and their full formal presentation is set to take place at an upcoming tech convention. This week we’ve got a demo video. The video above was found (or provided to) Quartz, and is an “unlisted” YouTube video as such. The Google researchers that’ll be presenting at NIPS 2017 are Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff. They’ve outlined their presentation in the text below.“Face authentication, in the context of privacy for phones, has been explored for some time,” said Hee and Schroff. “However, face recognition alone is not enough when you want to have private online conversations or watch a confidential video in a crowded space where there are many other people present. Each of them may or may not be looking at your private content displayed on your device, e.g. a smart phone.”SEE TOO: Galaxy S9 may come early, with facial recognition tech“Because of the quick, robust, and accurate gaze detection mobile model we can now easily identify the face identity and gaze simultaneously in real time,” said Hee and Schroff. “Hence, the application, an electronic screen protector, can enable its enrolled users to continue reading private and confidential contents on your mobile device, while protecting their privacy from onlookers in a crowded space such as the subway or an elevator.”These researchers suggest that this technology works under varying lighting conditions and with a variety of head poses. They claim that gaze detection takes just 2ms, facial recognition takes 47ms, and face detection takes 115ms per frame on average.Cross your fingers for this technology’s release to Pixel sooner than later. It’d be super if we could avoid reading private documents and passwords with creeping eyes looking in from all directions – this would be the key to that happening. Imagine the possibilities: Banking Apps, Email, Initial Login, and basically any other time you might want to switch on said detection.One great thing about this technology is its versatility – and its lack of specialized hardware. If you’ll look in the presentation video above, they’re using a Pixel XL first-gen. That means this tech works with the hardware already out on the market today!The formal name for this presentation is “Electronic Screen Protector with Efficient and Robust Mobile Vision.” The official presentation of this technology will take place at NIPS 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center (in Long Beach, California.) It’ll be on Wednesday, the 6th of December at 7:00 PM local time until 10:30 PM in the Pacific Ballroom Concourse #D3. This convention’s name is N.I.P.S. because NIPS stands for Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation. More information about the convention can be found at NIPS dot CC.NOTE: This is not the first time we’ve seen Android encroach on the tech the Apple iPhone X is currently gaining accolades over. Have a peek at our report on 3D detection hardware coming to Androids of all sorts – therein lies the future! Android over-the-shoulder peeking alert technology is just about to be presented by Google for Pixel devices. The feature wont be implemented on Google Pixel Android smartphones for some unknown period of time – but it would seem that the tech is already here, and it already works pretty gosh-darned well. This feature uses the smartphone’s front-facing camera to detect faces other than the phone owner, then alerting the phone owner that someone is looking over their shoulder.center_img Story TimelineIf the 2018 iPad with Face ID looks this good, I’m soldiPhone X Face ID beaten with 3D-printed maskNew Apple HomePod could add iPhone X’s Face IDiPhone X Face ID fooled by mom’s 10 year old soniPhone X Face ID again reportedly tricked by new “artificial twin” masklast_img read more

Galaxy Note 8 gets a builtin VPN in latest update

first_imgThe recent KRACK vulnerability has many questioning even the security of encrypted networks, especially those using the WPA2 protocol. How much more those using less sophisticated encryption and security systems? One of the most common ways to make sure of that is to use Virtual Private Networks, more popularly known as VPNs.Although now more associated with less innocent uses, VPNs have always been about security and privacy. It has been used from the beginning to allow employees to access office networks even when outside the premises. Recently, it has also become a favorite in fighting rampant spying and hacking.VPNs have also been traditionally complicated to set up, which is why there has recently been a rise in easy to use VPN solutions. Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi, powered by McAfee, is one of those. You simply turn it on when you want your Internet comings and goings encrypted and masked. Or you can even set it to automatically turn on for selected apps.It doesn’t come without a price though, and a literal one at that. VPN services cost money, and Samsung’s free offer only covers 250 MB per month. Unlimited 24-hour coverage costs 0.99 EUR ($1.20), while a month-long protection goes for 1.99 EUR ($2.40). It also isn’t available in all countries, even if your Galaxy Note 8 gets updated to include it.VIA: SamMobile Samsung hasn’t exactly been the most religious OEM when it comes to rolling out updates, but when it does, sometimes include some unexpected treats. Take, for example, the Galaxy Note 8, which has just gotten an update that adds a new feature to the phablet, new to the Galaxy Note 8, at least. That feature is the Galaxy J’s “Secure Wi-Fi”, which is just a fancy pants name for Samsung’s VPN service that promises secure and private browsing, even and especially on unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.last_img read more

Android Go isnt Googles only gift to India

first_imgNot too long ago, major tech companies saw China as the next frontier in business. While that may still be true to some extent, much of the focus has lately been shifted to the growing power that is India. Google and Apple, for example, have been earnestly working with the local government and companies to secure a foothold in the subcontinent. Yesterday, Google launched Android Go, practically “Android Lite”, at its Google for India event. But while that was probably the highlight, it wasn’t the only thing it had in store. India has the second biggest population in the world but it isn’t the biggest when it comes to the number of Internet users. It was only this year, for example, that the country marked 400 million Internet users, a fourth of its total population. Internet access is still at a premium, which is why Android Go and this new generation of “Go” apps are designed to be smarter about the way the use data and hardware resources.Google Go might sound like a board game, but it is really just the new name for what was once known as Search Lite. Available now in India as well as Indonesia, Google Go’s experience is optimized for even quicker access to suggestions and to minimize data usage. This day also marks the full launch of Files Go, technically Android’s first formal file manager. But more than just give access to files outside their respective apps, Files Go lets you diagnose your storage space and, perhaps more interestingly, share files with nearby devices without an Internet connection. Going beyond the “Go” theme, Google has announced an India-first feature for Google Maps called “two-wheeler mode”. This gives routes suitable only for motorcyles and scooters, perfect for one of the largest two-wheeler markets in the world. Also catering to local practices, the mode will show local landmarks along the route that riders and drivers can keep in mind so they won’t have to constantly stop and take a look at their phone.One of the most intriguing announcement is the arrival of Google Assistant on the JioPhone. While Google Assistant is almost a mainstay in Android smartphones, the JioPhone is not an Android phone nor is it even a smartphone. This marks the first time Google Assistant made available on a feature phone and perhaps tests the waters for others to follow. Presuming it actually takes off in the first place.SOURCE: Googlelast_img read more

Best Buy sale sees iPad Pro and Samsung flagship price cuts

first_imgStory TimelineMacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review (late-2016)iPad Pro Review Addendum: 1-year later, still sketchin’Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: On the shoulders of giantsSamsung Galaxy Note 8 Review Best Buy has decided to kick off a surprise 3-day sale, it would appear. The sale started earlier today and features discounts on a variety of different products, from phones and computers to TVs and smart home devices. Though it may not be quite as big as the sales we became used to seeing in the lead up to the holidays, there are still some fairly solid deals to be found. It seems that the biggest discounts to be had are on televisions. Most of the TVs on offer seem to be mid-range sets that top out at 1080p from manufacturers like Sharp, Toshiba, and Insignia. If you’re looking to pick up a 4K TV, however, there are still a few options, such as $300 off a Samsung 65-inch LED TV or an impressive $700 off a 75-inch LED HDR set from Vizio.Best Buy also has some tempting offers running on a range of MacBook Pros, with $250 off high-end models like the 15-inch Pro with a Core i7 and 512GB of Storage. Other MacBook Pro models, such as the 13-incher with a Core i5 and 8GB of RAM, are sporting smaller discounts, but in all cases, you’ll be able to snag a latest-model MacBook Pro for at least $200 off.In fact, Apple devices feature heavily in this sale, with discounts available on the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro as well. In both cases, the discounts aren’t Earth-shattering, topping out at $200 off for the MacBook Air and $100 off on the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, discounts on the iPhone are nowhere to be seen (which is usually the case with sales like this), but if you don’t mind picking up an Android device, Best Buy is offering the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 with either a $150 discount if you’re activating on Verizon or AT&T or a $250 Best Buy gift card if you’re activating on Sprint.AdChoices广告So, while these discounts may not be on the same level as something like Black Friday, they’re still worth checking out. You can view all of Best Buy’s discounts over on the company’s website. If you think you might want to buy something, you should act quickly, because these deals end on Saturday, January 27 at 11:59 PM Central.last_img read more

Pirelli smart tires give drivers details via internal sensor and app

first_imgPirelli has taken the wraps off its new smart tire platform, introducing a way for drivers to get some vital details about their vehicle directly on their mobile device. Called Connesso, the platform works with the maker’s Winter Sottozero and P Zero tires via a sensor in the tire’s internal wall. This sensor gathers data which is then shuttled to the related mobile app. According to Pirelli, its Connesso product is a digital platform that works with that aforementioned integrated sensor, something that will be initially available in the U.S. on the 19-inch and larger P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires. That launch will be this summer followed by ‘principal markets’ in both the Far East and Europe.Pirelli considers Connesso a ‘tire accessory’ that is able to provide drivers with things like the maintenance and use of the tires, as well as info about their current status. The sensor within the tire is connected to the company’s Pirelli Cloud product, and the data is ultimately delivered to the driver via the smartphone app.The company goes on to say that its sensor doesn’t impact the tire’s physical performance, and that its overall weight is only ‘a few grams.’ Users will be able to see the tire’s temperature and pressure, the amount of wear, how many miles have been put on each tire, as well as a pressure gauge feature for inflating the tires.As with many smart systems, the app will also deliver relevant alerts to the owner, such as when a tire (or two, etc) experience low pressure levels, as well as alerts when the wear level is getting excessive. The app will go so far as to point out tire dealerships nearby and, if desired, will book an appointment for servicing.last_img read more

Ford Performance 2018 Ford GT 67 Heritage Edition is a tribute to

first_imgThe 2018 Ford GT is already one of the best performing and most attractive cars on the market and Ford has now announced a new special edition that takes that sexy design to the next level. The car is the 2018 Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition and it wears a livery that is a tribute to the historic GT40 Mark IV race car that won the 1967 Le Mans race with Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt behind the wheel. The car is a limited-edition and features race-number graphics, unique interior colors, materials, and appointments according to Ford. “The first Heritage edition car was a huge success, honoring our history with a modern interpretation of the Le Mans winner,” said Garen Nicoghosian, exterior design manager for the car. “Continuing with a 2018 Ford GT based on the winning GT40 Mark IV race car was simply something we needed to do.” We got to drive the Ford GT back in May, it was glorious.SOURCE: Ford “In creating a worthy successor to the 2017 Heritage edition, we logically looked at our next historic Le Mans victory with the all-American team of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt,” said Dave Pericak, global director Ford Performance. “The 2018 Ford GT ’67 Heritage edition pays homage to that win, with a modern take on one of the most important vehicles in Ford’s storied history of racing.”The Ford GT ’67 Heritage edition has glossy Race Red exterior color with a pair of white racing stripes and exposed carbon fiber package. The hood and door graphics are in Frozen White and the car rolls on 20-inch forged aluminum wheels in an exclusive silver satin clear coat color with black lug nuts. The brake calipers are red and the rear view mirror caps are silver completing the retro look of the car.Inside, Ford trims the carbon fiber seats in leather with red accent stitches with the same color scheme carrying over to the “D” shaped steering wheel. Seat belt webbing is red and the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel are anodized gray. Other interior bits, like the instrument panel, door register bezels, and the x-brace are satin dark stainless in color. Each of these special cars will have a unique serialized plate, exposed carbon fiber door sills, air register pods, and center console. Ford doesn’t say exactly how many of these limited edition cars will be made for the 2018 model year.last_img read more